Monday, September 26, 2011

BLOG POST #58: Wherein I Investigate why Toronto FC Fans are Internationally Regarded as Drunken Assholes

In it's short history, the Toronto Football Club (or TFC) has been accused of not spending the money needed to attract quality talent while wasting it's fans time by wallowing at the bottom of it's division year after year.

And while said fans complain about the state of their beloved team, the city of Toronto, and the rest of the world complain about TFC fans.

TFC fans have quickly earned the reputation of bringing British-style hooliganism to the colonies. It seems like every Torontonian in the vicinity of BMO field has heard stories of various bars banning soccer fans on game day and/or refusing service to anyone wearing a TFC uniform because of their rowdy reputation.
Since the team's inception, people have been complaining about TFC fans' disgraceful behaviour at home, embarassing exploits abroad, and just plain ugliness wherever this guy saw them.

I've made a habit of staying away from TFC games: partly because I enjoy my football played by actual professionals who take pride in their game and public image, and partly because this is the first year TFC tickets haven't been exhorbinant;y expensive for absolutely no reason (I dunno... maybe TFC fans wouldn't be such angry drunks if they had a good team to support?).

So when I was handed tickets to the September 17th match against the Colorado Rapids, I decided to take this opportunity to investigate the question everyone is asking:

Do TFC fans really get as drunk as everyone thinks they do?

Shortly after kick off, and the crowd is boisterous but no more so than any other local sporting event. So far I notice nothing out of the ordinary.

I'm feeling a little buzzed. Those Molson Tall Boys may have been a bad idea.

Molson Tall Boys are never a bad idea. Hey what's that thing? Fuck you.

Fuck it... I'm certain that I'm loaded now. Is it a good idea to hold this many drunks  in a crowded tunnel that feels like it's from War of the Worlds?

I may have been drunk, but after the game and tunnel I saw this dog is wearing both shoes AND socks. That is fucking awesome.  

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