Sunday, December 16, 2012

Who said R.A. Dickey is going to be a Blue Jay?

So my weekend was kind of ruined by the fact that RA Dickey is apparently going to be a Toronto Blue Jay.

I seriously spent at least 8 hours watching Twitter, in a mall's food court, while pretending to Christmas shop, waiting for the allegedly immanent trade to become official.

Ironically, neither the trade nor my Christmas shopping is done.

It got me thinking, though. Who is telling Ken Rosenthal et al about these trades?

Is it someone from the Jays? If so, who? How close are they? Are they THIS close:


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  2. I heard (from a very reputable source) that AA was trying to get Dickey so that they could flip him along with Melky for Josh Hamilton, and then flip Hamilton for A-Rods new engineered hip, which he will then trade to Mr. Burns for the 1992 Springfield power plant soft ball team.
    Start planning the parade lads!!!

    1. Tempting moves, but last I heard Ozzie Smith was still lost at the mystery spot and I don't know if Ken Griffey ever got over his gigantism... might be a bit of a gamble