Friday, August 17, 2012

If Blue Jays were Superheroes: Colby Rasmus

Toronto's half-assed answer to San Diego Comic Con is coming soon. The end of summer means sweaty cosplaying nerds from all around the Golden Horseshoe will soon gather to celebrate their pathetic, virginal-dork-ridden culture (I AM KIDDING. I'm going. I'll be the fat dude dressed like Sailor Moon).

So in honor of "Fan Expo" lets look at the Blue Jays, if they were comic book characters.

Colby Rasmus is Ghostrider

Mike Wilner: Tell me Colby, how has being transformed into a demon of vengeance affected your approach at the plate?
Colby Rasmus: Uhhhh... mumble... mumble... mumble

Their biographies are almost identical.
Ghost Rider is Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle daredevil who dies in a horrific stunt after selling his soul to
the devil, Mephisto. Mephisto transforms Blaze into his personal servant by bonding him with the demon Zarathos and forcing him to punish the wicked. Zarathos comes to gain total control of Johnny Blaze, and their conflicting personalities lead to a battle over Blaze's physical body.

Now replace the following words:

And most importantly: is it just me, or do his ridiculous hair-wings look exactly like Ghostrider’s head-fire?

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