Friday, August 17, 2012

If Blue Jays were Superheroes: Special Retro Edition

Toronto's half-assed answer to San Diego Comic Con is coming soon. The end of summer means sweaty cosplaying nerds from all around the Golden Horseshoe will soon gather to celebrate their pathetic, virginal-dork-ridden culture (I AM KIDDING. I'm going. I'll be the guy wearing a garbage bag and calling myself Robocop).

So in honor of "Fan Expo" lets look at the Blue Jays, if they were comic book characters.

For this installment, something special... RETRO BLUE JAYS SUPER FLASHBACK FRIDAY EDITION!

Todd Stottlemyre is Longshot

Todd Stottlemyre is Longshot
I don't know what is going on with Stottlemyre in this pic,
but dammit if it doesn't encapsulate his time with the Jays.

Longshot isn't the most well-known superhero.

But dammit he is the most Stottlemyrian.

Longshot's super power? Luck. Really, really, really good luck.

Stottlemyre won 2 world series with the Jays, he had a solid 138-121 career record AND ONLY HAD ONE PITCH.
The man's inside fastball was it.
Nothing else.
So I think it's safe to say his luck carried him through, and that's why he's Longshot.

Oh, almost forgot, they also both have kick-ass mullets.

David Wells is The Blob

David Wells loves hot dogs

That is all, carry on. 

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