Friday, May 6, 2011

HAPPY BOB SEGER DAY! Now with a great petition!

Can you believe that Bob Seger Day is here already?

It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating last year's Bob Seger Day.

But, as is true almost every year, this Bob Seger Day is not without it's fair share of controversy.

This year, Macomb County Seger tribute band "Lookin' Back" wanted to celebrate Bob Seger Day with a Shelby Township show at the gorgeous Palazzo Grande Banquet Center. To drum up interest, they turned to radio advertising.

Apparently this pissed Seger off.

He got his lawyers involved and Lookin' Back was told that the ads were violating the lucrative Seger trademark. If they didn't stop, action would be taken.


Please sign this petition if you agree:
Once 1000 people agree I will notify Bob Seger of the outcome.

Not sure if you agree? Then read on:

I seriously didn't want to slag Bob Seger on this, the 66th Bob Seger day, but Lookin' Back brings quite a bit to the table.

God dammit Bob Seger, you have got to relax for these reasons:
  • Holy crap Lookin' Back are awesome. I can't link to their website enough, please for the love of god check it out here.

  • The $20 cover charge includes a full Italian buffet and nothing screams "Night Moves" like homemade gnocchi
  • The performance includes a futuristitc laser light show.
  • Lookin' Back's  website shows that they are sponsored by Rampboss, the world's number one supplier of vehicle display ramps. Rampboss would not lend their fine name to just any Seger Tribute band. These guys must be the real deal.    

Seger, you are lucky enough to have an entire holiday named after you. You are using the Seger fortune to push around these gentlemen, and quite frankly it isn't fair. 


Remember, we need 1000 people to sign this petition in order to hopefully get Bob Seger to apologize.

We can do it.

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