Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Were Anti-Liberal Attack Ads Responsible for the Conservative Majority?

In a word, yes.

After years of damaging public trust and opinion of Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff by calling into question his loyalty to Canada, Stephen Harper's Conservatives pulled off the expected, and walked away with a majority government the other night.

This recently uncovered, rarely seen attack ad is a prime example of how the Conservatives were able to usher in four years of Harper rule:

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  1. Film compositions like this cost money. Media composition and coverage makes elections. The ownership of media is a major factor because they stream attitude 24/7. When we follow the media money we find deep corporate pockets.

    Liberals responded in earnest to accusations from the Sponsorship Scandal during the Quebec Referendum. This led the Conservatives as the main beneficiaries of hidden corporate funding. The Election Finance Act puts limits which aren't honored by the mainstream parties. Corporations are trusted with protecting the livelihood of various (Founders, workers, suppliers, consumers, stockholders) stakeholders.

    Unrecognized contradictions and expectations in political financing create a dysfunctional system. Indigenous peoples of the world understood and implemented universal Production Society ownership giving each stakeholder an Economic Democracy voice based on his or her specialty. Thus everyone is heard where their expertise is greatest giving a foundation to a less important political democracy of village and other councils at regional, national, confederate and continental levels. Visit www.indigenecommunity.info