Monday, August 1, 2011

Alomar "Catch the Taste" Commercial is a Canadian Institution

Sunday July 31st was Roberto Alomar day at the Rogers Centre.
45,000+ Jays fans showed up to watch the Blue Jays retire the number of the best second baseman to ever play baseball.
After thanking the Royers family for their support (I am not sure who this Royers family is, but am sure they are deserving), Alomar misted up, as did the entire Rogers Centre.
But the biggest cheers were reserved not for his speech. Nor did people cheer the loudest for Colby Rasmus first hit as a Jay, nor did they make that much noise for the Jays victory, for Brandon Morrow's free-pizza winning performance nor Edwin Encarnacion's impressive fielding.

The biggest crowd reaction came as a result of this:

And in case you haven't seen the original commercial which brought us this great clip, here's an extended version which was edited down to give us that classic phrase:

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