Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poll: What should Stephen Harper fight to Defend the Honour of Canadians?

Dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper,

Following the shocking (and soon to be forgotten) anti-seal hunt manifesto introduced recently by popstars Ke$ha and Iggy Pop, I got to thinking.

It is quite obvious that the international community sees Canadians as monsters who care only about killing helpless, innocent, soft baby seals.

We have to change this misconception. We, as a nation, are capable of killing so much more. More dangerous things, more evil things, less soft things.

I propose that you, Mr. Harper, be the figurehead for this movement of change.

Below is a poll, outlining that which we, the Canadian people, feel you should kill. Once the poll closes on April 17th, 2011, I will contact you with the results.

Go Canada!

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