Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Religion, Politics, Roleplaying or Pattinson? Question 4

This is a special and ongoing challenge designed to test how in tune you are with the tone of various popular websites.
Using advanced search engine technology, I have been able to pull out certain quotes from one of four websites forums and/or article comment sections.
Those websites are as follows: - the online arm of the American media giant. - a daily online conservative newsmagazine - the online home of roleplayers everywhere - the number one Robert Pattinson resource on the web

See if you can tell where the following quote comes from:

like two heads of the same dragon who are aligned in destroying the country side, but then who fight over the plunder. (the answer is after the jump)

I was looking for a mythical creature reference on American Thinker to once again point out their endearing sense of whimsical fantastical nonsense. It's the old misdirection gag. You think it's role players and then WHAM I surprise you by pulling out those crazy conservatives. Yes they love crazy hyperbole of the fantastic, but gosh darn it, I love them for it.

I've even designed a new website logo for them, hopefully they enjoy.

Oh, and below is the post I pulled the quote from. My favorite part is when "rikalonius" speaks of the unholy alliance between the Marxists and the Muslims. This shit is gold.

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