Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Religion, Politics, Roleplaying or Pattinson? Question 3

This is a special and ongoing challenge designed to test how in tune you are with the tone of various popular websites.
Using advanced search engine technology, I have been able to pull out certain quotes from one of four websites forums and/or article comment sections.
Those websites are as follows:

www.cnn.com - the online arm of the American media giant.
www.americanthinker.com - a daily online conservative newsmagazine
www.roleplayerguild.com - the online home of roleplayers everywhere
www.robertpattinson.org - the number one Robert Pattinson resource on the web

See if you can tell where the following quote comes from:

Robert Patinson's "Water for Elephants" will be the feel good film of the summer. (the answer is after the jump)

The answer is www.cnn.com

The kicker is that this was found in the midst of a deep debate on Atheism vs. Christianity. Also I didn't include the full quote, which sits below.

Also I was the one who posted this. But it is true, Water for Elephants is going to kick ass. And each one of you will burn in hell for your sins unless you repent.

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